December 11, 2014 - sneladmin

Quadpod 2 Camera Mount



The Snelflight Camera Mount is an attachment for the QuadPod 2, which provides a robust, versatile surface for mounting a wide variety of cameras such as the GoPro. The platform itself is made from the same grade of carbon fibre as the QuadPod 2, while the tough nylon supports help to keep the added weight down to under 17g.


The platform surface has a 6mm slot suitable for attaching a camera using a standard tripod screw (supplied). Alternatively, the camera may be attached using a double-sided adhesive pad (supplied).


Unusually, the QuadPod 2 camera mount is located on top of the aircraft. Although counter-intuitive, this arrangement has several benefits:


a) Surprisingly, this location actually helps to stabilize flight, whereas a payload under the aircraft tends to de-stabilize it. This is because horizontal accelerations of the aircraft cause the camera to be “left behind” due to its inertia, and this has the effect of tilting the aircraft in the opposite direction if the mass is on top, helping to restore a stationary hover. A mass below the aircraft tends to tilt the aircraft in the same direction as the acceleration, thereby enhancing it.


b) The aircraft is much less prone to toppling over when landing, because it is not raised off the ground by a tall undercarriage.


c) The camera is protected from most heavy landings, unless it flips over.


The obvious disadvantage is that the camera cannot look downwards. However the great majority of aerial photography actually uses a horizontal camera, so its location on top of the aircraft works very well.


Please note: Installation requires some simple drilling.

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