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QuadPod Brushless Quadcopter

Complete Package - Everything needed to fly.

Best Ever Price - 249.95!

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We are a well-established company designing innovative tough miniature electric flying quadcopters and helicopter models with superb control characteristics. We have been designing RC aircraft for 15 years, and our mission has always been to offer products which deliver superior performance with a high degree of controllability, by using novel operating principles and innovative design.

We made our debut in 1999 with the Hoverfly helicopter, which was the first ever indoor model helicopter to go on sale.  Our latest model, the QuadPod, remains true to our ideal.  This innovative micro quadcopter is designed to provide you with a high degree of precision hovering and controllability.

When you buy from Snelflight you benefit from a product designed and manufactured right here in the UK, with some of the best customer support in the business available directly from the designers.

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Overnight shipping is standard for all our kits and models (UK orders)


Although production of our Jump Jet model has now ceased, spares and accessories are still available. Visit our SHOP for details and ordering.


For Hoverfly spares please email us.


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Snelflight has shipped to many countries, including:

Australia * Austria * Brazil * Canada * Czech Republic * Denmark * France * Germany * Greece * India * Ireland * Italy * Japan * Luxemburg * Netherlands * New Zealand * Norway * Singapore * South Africa * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland * U.K. * United States



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