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Jump Jet is a groundbreaking new model aircraft from Snelflight which offers something for everyone.

No other currently available model offers 4-channel proportional control with 3-axis computer gyro stabilisation and extreme self-righting stability.

Jump Jet is a genuine VTOL fixed-wing plane especially designed for flying indoors. It can take off vertically and hover, then fly forwards, backwards, even sideways. It can swoop and dive just like a real jet plane, and then land on the palm of the hand!

Uniquely, it combines the self-righting stability of fixed-wing planes with the hovering capability of helicopters.

Li-Po battery gives good flight time and fast recharging.

Click on this picture to see the amazing precision flight possible with Jump Jet
(Thanks to Jason J of Dallas for this video.)

Responsive Ergonomic Handset

Jump Jet offers the same precision control and robust mechanical simplicity which together made the Hoverfly helicopter so popular. It offers what no other currently available model can - full three-axis controllability combined with extreme self-righting stability, all from minimal moving parts. This makes Jump Jet ideal for learning to fly rotorcraft. It has all the controls of a helicopter, but it is easier to fly.

There is no spinning rotor mechanism or exposed propellers to get bent and broken in a crash. Instead, four protected fans provide three dimensional vectored thrust and the highest-ever safety for indoor flying. Ideal for beginners.

A triple axis gyroscope contributes to incredible stability and precise flying control. Experienced flyers can hone their skills indoors, independent of the weather.


Motors * 4
Weight * 65g
Wingspan * 34cm
Battery * 3S 140mAh Li Po
Flight Time * Around 4 - 5 minutes
Control * Proportional 3-axis 4-channel Infra-red
Stabilisation * 3-axis auto-zeroing computer gyro
Power Input 100v to 240v AC - 5 watts

Included * Aircraft, Controller (mode 2), Charger


Beware of Counterfeits!

It has come to our attention that there is a counterfeit Jump Jet being exported from China. Some buyers have reported problems with the counterfeit, including premature failure of the electronics. Customers should beware, since we are unable to provide support for the counterfeit product.

The genuine Jump Jet is manufactured by Alien Technology Ltd, and is supplied in a glossy white box bearing their name and logo. At present, the counterfeit can be identified because it comes in a black box. Legitimate sellers are generally contactable, and this is an easy question to ask.


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RF Receiver
for Jump Jet

An RF receiver module designed to be installed onto a Jump Jet in place of the infrared sensor, so that the plane can be flown using standard FM radio transmitters.

Find out more



A superb optional near-scale Hawker Harrier body kit is available for Jump Jet.

Convert Jump Jet into a Harrier and add extra realism to your model




Jump Jet designer Phil Jermyn
with former chief Harrier test pilot
John Farley OBE (left)

Read John Farley's comments



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Click above for Harrier test flight video



The Kit


John Stennard flying Jump Jet with Harrier body and RF module fitted

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John has added realism by adding his own-design lightweight undercarriage.
(Click picture to enlarge.)

Read John's review in Q&EFI magazine



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