About Us


About Us

Snelflight was founded in 1997 by Phil Jermyn, Roderick Snell and Joe Wilcox, to develop, manufacture and market a novel concept for an indoor model helicopter. Two years later we launched the Hoverfly, which back then was the first indoor model helicopter to reach the marketplace.


After a fairly static period while the founders were involved with other projects, we are back and even better than before! With shared vision and a new joint venture, Snelflight has joined forces with Autonomous Technologies Ltd.  This collaboration will enable Autonomous Technologies to focus on the commercial branch of the business while Snelflight can still head up the innovative development branch.


Roderick Snell and Joe Wilcox are both semi-retired now and Phil’s wife Molly has had the opportunity to pursue her own career in another field. With Greg Jackson and Nick Gillett joining the executive team, this left a need for somebody new to oversee the general running of the companies.  A decision was made to recruit a new team member and we are pleased to welcome Leanne Graham on board to take care of day-to-day operations.

Molly And Phil Whitley Bay