December 11, 2014 - sneladmin

Snelflight 2.4GHz Receiver



The Snelflight 2.4 GHz receiver is an ultra-compact unit which is compatible with a range of Spektrum/JR DSM2 and DSMX transmitters including DX5e, DX6I, DX7, DX8, DSX7, DSX9 and DSX11. It is a “park flyer” receiver with a range of about 400 metres, and is ideal for the QuadPod 2.



Compact and lightweight design
6 channels
Quick Connect



Type: Park Flyer Receiver
Number of Channels: 6
Modulation: DSM2
Band: 2.4GHz
Length: 40mm
Width: 18mm
Height: 10mm
Weight: 4.4g
Voltage Range: 4.0 – 9.6V
Antenna Length: 2 x 30mm